Travelling Avalanche

Ned Eisenhuth '78 with Avalanche around the Baltic

Avalanche at Gulf of Finland

Ned Eisenhuth '78 and Avalanche at the Gulf of Finland.


 Avalanche at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway

Avalanche at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway.


 Avalanche on a canal boat

Avalanche on a canal boat in Copenhagen, Denmark.


 Avalanche Peterhof Palace

Avalanche at Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.


 Avalanche Senate Square

Avalanche at Senate Square in Helsinki, Finland.


 Ned and Avalanche in Bruges

Ned Eisenhuth '78 and Avalanche in Bruges, Belgium.


Priscilla Brownlow '11 with Avalanche in Antarctica.

Avalanche Antarctica Priscilla

Priscilla Brownlow '11 with Avalanche near the tip of Hut Point, on Ross Island, Antarctica.

Avalanche Antarctica

Avalanche hanging out with some Adelie penguins on Ross Island, Antarctica.

Ned Eisenhuth '78 in England with Avalanche

Avalanche Leeds Castle

Ned Eisenhuth '78 brought Avalanche along on a visit to

Leeds Castle.

Avalanche Stonehenge

Ned with Avalanche at Stonehenge.

Avalanche Warwick Castle

Ned and Avalanche at Warwick Castle.

Avalanche and Mama Bear

Avalanche meets Mama Bear while in England.

Avalanche Windsor Castle

Avalanche with Ned at Windsor Castle.

Avalanche London Eye

Avalanche enjoying the view from the London Eye.


John Holobetz '73 and his daughter, Meghan Holobetz, with Avalanche on a tour of Italy.

Avalanche Pictures Holobetz 1

John Holobetz '73 and his daughter, Meghan, on a

gondola with Avalanche in Venice, Italy.

Avalanche Pictures Holobetz 2

Meghan and John '73 hanging out with Avalanche in front of a wild

boar statue in Florence, Italy.

Avalanche Pictures Holobetz 3

John Holobetz '73 and Meghan Holobetz visiting

the statue of David with Avalanche in tow.

Travelling Avalanche

Avalanche relaxing by the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy.


Kirk Moyer '81 with Avalanche at the Changeokgung Palace in Seoul, Korea.

Avalanche Changeokgung Palace 1

Kirk Moyer '81 with Avalanche near the Changeokgung Palace in Seoul, Korea.

Avalanche Changeokgung Palace 2

Kirk Moyer '81 visiting the Changeokgung Palace with Avalanche.

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