Kelly '13 and Kory Nesci '13, New Phillies Ballgirls

Kory and KellyFor the first time ever, the Phillies Ballgirls will have a set of twins on the roster: KU seniors Kelly and Kory Nesci. The Wilmington, DE natives have been longtime Phillies fans, and now, as Phillies Ballgirls, they will have the chance to be on the field during games and to represent the team at community events. Kelly, a marketing major, and Kory, a finance major, are both busy pursuing their studies at KU and preparing for the season, but were kind enough to speak about the tryout process and what this wonderful opportunity means to them. 

What was the tryout process like?

Kory: It started off with our video submission of Kelly and me showing off some of our softball skills such as hitting, catching, and fielding. We did our video together to try to make it unique and memorable, since the Phillies had never had a set of twins on the Ballgirls team before. We then explained [on the video] why we wanted to be Phillies Ballgirls and what it would mean to us if we were chosen.

Kelly: The video couldn't be longer than 2 minutes. I had asked for some advice from other people, and most of them said that we should make sure that Kory and I could both show our [softball] skills in the time allotted for the video. We went to the local park in Kutztown and filmed it on the softball field there. We edited it many times until we thought it was perfect, then we just hoped for the best!

Kory: A few weeks after the video was submitted, both Kelly and I received an email from the Phillies inviting us to go to the in-person tryout and interview.

Kelly: It was November 9th--Kory and I arrived at 8:45 a.m. and walked into the stadium. We saw 35 other girls there who were trying to get a spot on the roster. The first part of the tryout was hitting: we went into the batting cages and had a few swings while someone observed and graded us on our abilities. Then we were graded on our throwing, catching, and fielding skills. After that, we were given a short test on our general Phillies knowledge (it was not easy). 

Kory: After all that we each had to do an on-camera interview. This is the part that I think was hardest because my nerves were starting to get the best of me and I wanted to make sure that I didn't mess up on camera. The softball skills test was a bit easier because I had so much confidence in my skills after having played for so many years. About two weeks after that initial tryout, we received an email from Michele DeVicaris, the manager of the Phillies Community and Charity events, inviting us back for a sit-down interview. 

When did you find out that you both had made the Ballgirls team?

Kelly: In the middle of December we got a call from Michele DeVicaris. I answered the phone, and I could barely speak when she said her name...she told me she was very pleased to offer me a spot as a Phillies Ballgirl. I held back my screams and dances until I got off the phone with her. I was hoping Kory got a call as well, but she wasn't home at the time, so I was nervous about calling her. But she called me a few minutes later and she had good news as well!

Kory: I was just getting out of class when Michele called me and congratulated me on being chosen as a Phillies Ballgirl for the 2013 season--as soon as I hung up with Michele, I called Kelly and she told me that she'd gotten a phone call too. We were so excited, and we couldn't wait to tell our friends and family.

Kelly: I called our parents right away and they both thought something was wrong because I was out of breath and they couldn't understand me at first...but they were both really excited too.

What are you looking forward to most about being at the games and being Phillies Ballgirls?

Kory: I am so excited for the season to start! I cannot wait to be on the field, looking up at the crowd and seeing all the Phillies fans cheering for a great game. Watching the games is going to be so different--instead of being in the stands, I'll actually be on the field, so close to the plays. And I'm really looking forward to the fan interaction that we'll have before, during, and after the games. It's going to be a great experience. 

Kelly: I'm looking forward to not only being on the field at Citizens Bank Park, but also to participating in the community service and other events that we'll be attending. I've been a Phillies fan since I was a little girl, so this is a dream come true--not everyone can say they were a Phillies Ballgirl!



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